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What is WebTrack?
WebTrack is a utility which indexes all the words on all the pages you visit. It's like a personal search engine for the web pages you view.
WebTrack works independently of the browser, so if you use several browsers, WebTrack will create an index for all the pages you view with either browser.
Besides the index, WebTrack offers you the possibility to annotate web pages and to keep a to-do list of webpages you want to revisit or you want to use the content of.
WebTrack presents this functionality through a handy icon in the system tray.

Why use WebTrack?
There are dozens of URL organizers, which ,like WebTrack, offer bookmark categories, to-do list, page annotations and search functions.
What makes WebTrack unique is that it indexes all words on all pages you visit. This saves you the trouble of having to put each page that might be interesting in a category or bookmark list, and saves you the trouble of having to come up with some logical organization of categories. The latter can be a challenge when you've collected hundreds of bookmarks over time.
Also, you'll never be in the situation that you saw a page and didn't bookmark it because you did't expect the page to become important.

Personal search engine

Works with any browser

Annotations and
to-do list

Automatic and
complete indexing

No categories needed

Includes all pages