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Overview of OfficeFiler
There are two versions of OfficeFiler, a desktop version and a workgroup version. The desktop version is for use on a single computer. The workgroup version can be used on a network by several people simultaneousely.

OfficeFiler has three parts:
4 Word Add-in
The OfficeFiler Word add-in shows a new toolbar in Word, giving you single-click access to functions such as saving, copying and opening documents in OfficeFiler.
4 Indexer
The Indexer stores information about your documents in a small database. With this database you can search for documents, pick property values to enter in your documents and open documents.
If you use OfficeFiler in a workgroup, the Indexer runs on a central computer. The documents are also stored on a central computer. This computer does not need to be a heavy server. A simple desktop running Windows 95 is enough to run the OfficeFiler Indexer.
4 Find utility
The Find utility lets you query the Indexer database and open documents stored on the Indexer comupter.
The way in which Find communicates with the Indexer is very simple. You do not need to install or configure any special network software.