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Focus of OfficeFiler
The focus of OfficeFiler is on day-to-day work with small documents in a SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) environment. OfficeFiler is not intended to support writing large and complex documents such as manuals, novels etc. E.g. if you run a small translation business, you would use OfficeFiler for contracts, invoices etc. ...

When to use OfficeFiler
Use OfficeFiler when:
4 You create about 25 to 200 documents a month.
4 You work with your documents on your own or in a workgroup with about 10 people or less.
4 You cannot afford an analyst or programmer to set up document management for you.

When not to use OfficeFiler
Do not use OfficeFiler when:
4 Security (restricting access to document) within your workgroup is important to you.
4 You want to enforce a workflow (a fixed routing of documents) for yourself or in your workgroup. OfficeFiler can support a workflow, but it will not enforce it.
4 You want to keep track of different versions of your documents.

4 A PC running Windows 95 or higher and Word 97 or higher.
Other Office components than Word are not required.
4 About 20 MB of disk space for the program files and an index of 10,000 documents.
This does not include the documents themselves.
4 Some of your time to set up the Word templates to use with OfficeFiler.
Although OfficeFiler does more automatically than most document management utilities, it is no magic bullet. You do need to take some time to go through the tutorial, review the sample sets of templates and decide what you want.