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Why use OfficeFiler?

Finding documents
If you make more than 50 documents each month, it gets difficult to keep track of them, unless you set up a very well thought-out folder structure and diligently save all your documents in the right folder under the right name.
And even then, you can store your documents in only one way (say, by customer) and you want to view them in other ways (e.g. by product) too.
OfficeFiler solves this problem for you by assigning names to documents based on the type of document and the text you enter in the document. Even better, OfficeFiler automatically numbers all your documents, so you can always be sure to find back exactly the document you are looking for.
Besides this, OfficeFiler will allow you to filter your documents based on the data you put in them, be it customer, product, creation date. etcetra. This gives you a powerful and flexible tool to browse through your documents.

Typing standard data
Tired of retyping the same adress for the same customer each time? But you don't know how to get it from a database and can't afford a programmer to make an application for you?
OfficeFiler lets you choose from data you filled in earlier to reuse it in your new documents without retyping. And when OfficeFiler can find a link between to items, e.g. customer X has always the same address in each document, OfficeFiler will automatically fill in the address when you select the customer -- without programming, without a database application, without any configuration of the software.
Just by looking at documents you made earlier, OfficeFiler can save you work by doing all the repetitive chores for you.

Need to share your documents in a small workgroup? This either becomes very expensive with high-end document management systems or a maintenance nightmare to keep everything neatly in order.
The workgroup version of OfficeFiler lets people work on documents across a network, while keeping the documents and the document index in a central place. Typos are reduced because standard data is picked from or filled in by OfficeFiler, making your documents more accurate.
Strong discipline required

Folders inflexible

OfficeFiler names
and numbers

Flexible filters

Lots of retyping,
programmer too expensive

OfficeFiler requires no programming/configuration

Cheap and easy

Better accuracy